There’s a common feeling that Allah doesn’t grant all our prayers (dua). I used to feel that way too. I used to wonder why I couldn’t get that very good job I always would pray for. Although I had the best grades at university, my mates were getting those better jobs and I couldn’t. I would spend nights praying and days searching, working very hard for no results.

I remember this very usual prayer I would make; “O Allah grant me a great job that makes me travel alot and keeps me very busy to avoid idleness and temptation by shaytaan”. As the years went by, I hoped for that job. But Allah made me a Technical High school teacher and at the same time, got me a part-time in a private university. Little did I notice His Rahma in these. I used to travel every week between 2 cities for these two jobs. Ungrateful as I now realise I was, I totally couldn’t realise that my prayer had been granted in the best way, His way. This continued for 3 years until I quit for further studies.

Today, I work in a MNC, at a position with so much travelling and I realize that Allah had granted that prayer I used to make about 10 years ago. It is when I looked at this situation that I realized Allah had granted that prayer 6 years ago, but my greed made me blind, unable to notice it. I regret not being grateful and thankful to Allah at that time. I missed the opportunity of being grateful to Allah for 6 years. But that now is the past. So, I praise Him for letting me realize that and giving me the opportunity to thank Him today. I seek forgiveness for my weaknesses and I don’t waste a sec to say Alhamdulillah!

The bottomline is for us to understand that all our prayers are granted the moment we finish saying “ameen”, but we need to be patient enough for our time to harmonize with Allah’s time for it to come real in our lives. It may come real our way or His way, but whatever way it comes real it certainly is the best way it could come real for us.
In our next story we shall visit the notion of Time Harmonization inshaa Allah.


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